Here at Water Science Biotech everything we do is sustainable – we have a mission of becoming the worlds greenest company. Our principles are simple and inspired by natural law. By creating sustainable processes, technologies, and products, we aim to align the needs of the economy with the in-breath – out breath, life – regeneration, processes of nature. We hope you will come along on the journey.

“The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least try not to defy them.” -Paul Hawken

“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.” – Wendell Berry


Green house gas (GHG) emissions are devastating our atmosphere’s ability to regulate its temperature. Something has to be done to reduce these emissions. Water Science Biotech has developed powerful solutions to this problem. If we achieve our 10 year goals we will be responsible for reducing greenhouse gases by 1% worldwide. The reason we can achieve such amazing results is we attack the problem from multiple perspectives. Number one, our Smart Pro Cell fertilizers supply nitrogen values required by plants without using ammonia produced from natural gas or coal. Fertilizer production from this process alone is responsible for 1% of global GHG emissions. Number 2, we prevent soil off-gassing by structuring our nutrients in a way that inhibit nutrient digestion and conversion into nitrous oxide by microbes. Number three, our de-centralized production methods allow us to cut down on the transportation emissions for these fertilizers. Water Science Biotech is leading the way in fighting GHG emissions.


Water can be polluted from manure, pesticides, herbicides, fluids from improperly functioning septic systems, soil from farms and construction sites, lawn fertilizers and yard waste. Pollution can flow into water over the surface of the land, through the soil, or into groundwater. Contamination of drinking water supplies, lakes and oceans by run-off of fertilizer from farm and non-farm lands has reached catastrophic proportions. Immediate action must be taken to stop and reverse pollution of drinking water supplies. Water Science Biotech has created the technologies required to ELIMINATE fertilizer runoff pollution, ELIMINATE algae blooms, ELIMINATE pesticide/herbicide runoff pollution, ELIMINATE sewage dumping in oceans, ELIMINATE groundwater pollution from human & animal manures, drastically reduce coral reef bleaching and begin to restore the ecosystems relying on these bodies of water.


Current alternative fuel production requires the utilization of oils from our food supply or for algae to be laboriously harvested or grown. Both of these methods redirect resources from more productive uses. WS Biotech’s unique processes allow us to cost effectively manufacture renewable fuels from a multitude of waste streams. These waste streams include but are not limited to; ethanol production waste, agricultural waste, human manures, animal manures, algae, wood chips, paper pulp, etc. Nearly any type of biomass waste can be utilized for our processes with zero emissions and zero waste. Renewable fuels emit 70% less GHG emissions and would not require the devastating environmental impact from re-constructing our entire liquid fuel based energy infrastructure. Overall, our Renewable Fuels and their production are Carbon NEGATIVE.


The world population is on course to increase from 7.5 billion to over 9 billion in 2050 and we are already running on a net deficit of Earth’s resources. In order for our existence as a species to be sustained we must produce more food with less resources in a non-destructive manner. Water Science Biotech has developed solutions to this problem through its SPC fertilizers and renewable fuels. SPC fertilizers have shown 30-50% increase in crop yields (often more) while requiring less fertilizer. WSB renewable fuels are produced from biomass waste in contrast to fuels produced from raw materials originating in the food supply such as ethanol (corn) and biodiesel (vegetable oils).


Over 1 BILLION tons of biomass waste are generated in the United States every year. Currently this massive amount of waste is overwhelming our ability to effectively deal with it. Biomass wastes are currently either incinerated, releasing GHGs; applied to farmland, exacerbating runoff pollution and introducing harmful pathogens and toxins into our ecosystems; dumped in landfills, polluting our ecosystems and communities; or even dumped into the oceans causing incalculable damage to some of our Earth’s most important ecosystems. Water Science Biotech is able to effectively deal with these wastes by deconstructing them, fractionating them into their base chemical units of value, and reconstructing them into our environmentally pristine products. We are able to do this with zero emissions, zero discharge, and zero energy inputs.


By taking care of the air, the water, and our wastes we now create restorative effects in our most fragile and damaged ecosystems. From fresh water, wetlands, oceans and coral reefs, to grasslands, temperate forests, and tropical rainforests. If we give life a fighting chance, life will restore itself. There is no more pervasive force in the Universe than the will of life to live. Our ecosystems just need a little help. At Water Science Biotech we give them that help.


By affecting ecosystems and giving them the chance to restore themselves we now come to our ultimate goal – the climate. The climate is a complex system of interconnecting webs of ecosystems and they are all off balance. By restoring our ecosystems we can bring balance back to the climate, we can restore the Earth to its rightful place as the non-diseased mother of all known life. By realizing that it is essential to preserve the Earth’s resources for future generations, our mission is to create innovative products which will encourage polluters to stop irresponsible and ultimately non-sustainable practices by providing them with profitable alternatives.