Robert Littmann, CEO, CTO

Robert J. Littmann, P.E. is Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Technology Officer of Water Science Biotech, Inc. A nationally recognized expert in industrial process design and engineering, Mr. Littmann has broad experience as an industrial formulating chemist with over 600 formulas. He pioneered “Profitable Waste Elimination”. Mr. Littmann has more than 50 years of successful industrial experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing, owning and operating processes. His broad range of experience in every aspect of manufacturing provides him with the ability to visualize projects and processes as a whole and break them down to a molecular level in order to understand the smallest details of how they function. His expansive knowledge and insight allows him to not only create and build new processes and products but also to understand and interrelate complex systems. Since early 2000, Mr. Littmann has focused his chemical engineering and biochemistry skills towards solving the serious challenges facing the wastewater and agricultural industries. He has three patents in application with a full pipeline ready to meet the challenges of profitably abating hypoxia in waterways while helping farmers become more profitable.

(Photo: The old adage is that corn should be knee high by the fourth of July. This picture was taken on the 4th of July 2016 at our pilot plant. the adage needs to be changed with our technology. It now needs to be “High as an elephant’s eye by the 4th of July”. The corn is 11 feet in this picture.)