Renewable Fuels

Fuels From Waste – Not From Food

Current alternative fuels production requires the utilization of oils from our food supply, or for algae to either be laboriously harvested or grown. Both of these methods redirect resources from more productive uses. WS Biotech’s unique processes allow us to cost effectively manufacture renewable fuels from a multitude of waste streams. These waste streams include but are not limited to; ethanol production waste, agricultural waste, human manures, animal manures, algae, wood chips, paper pulp, etc. Nearly any type of biomass waste can be utilized with zero emissions and waste.

Different Fuels – Chemically Interchangeable

WS Biotech is able to manufacture Renewable Diesel, Renewable Gasoline, Renewable Jet Fuel, and Ethanol. Our fuels are chemically interchangeable with their petrochemically derived cousins and therefore require no mixing or change to the current fuel infrastructure of the United States. This flexibility in production gives us the ability to alter production based on demand and available raw materials.


Besides WS Biotech’s positive environmental effects resulting from the utilization of waste streams, our Renewable Fuels burn cleaner than their petrochemically derived siblings. Renewable Fuels emit up to 70% less pollution while burning and our production process is zero emissions. Overall, our Renewable Fuels and their production are Carbon NEGATIVE, and the usage of them avoids the unimaginable GHG emissions and ecosystem destruction required to convert our current fuel infrastructure to other alternative fuels.


WS Biotech has passed the lab stage and is in negotiations to fund a 6 million gallon production plant in Central Illinois utilizing the industrial wastes produced in the area.