Innovative High Value Products

WS Biotech uses its highly unique and innovative process technologies to create specific, groundbreaking, and environmentally pristine technologies that solve a problem for our clients, our customers, and the Earth. All of the products we make use biotechnology as a key manufacturing component and all of our products use biotechnology to benefit the host recipient of our products. The growing list of biotechnology products currently either manufactured or in research and development at WS Biotech include; more-resilient crops, the world’s most innovative fertilizers, biofuels/renewable fuels, the new paradigm of animal feed supplements,  biomaterials, personal care products, recreational products, pollution controls, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and more.

Cost Effective

The key missing component of the Human World’s sustainable product paradigm is cost-effectiveness & profitability. Due to the unique nature of WS Biotech’s process technologies we are able to ensure that our customers and clients can utilize or consume their technologies or products profitably while doing something good for our Society, the Earth, and its ecosystems. This ensures the long-term adoption necessary to start healing the Earth while transitioning our economy to a more holistic paradigm.

Environmentally Pristine

The grass is only as green as what is cultivated around it, and what many don’t realize is that our corporate bank accounts will eventually only be as green as our planet is. The Earth is the source of all the constituents of value and therefore must be restored. ALL of our products are made to positively effect Society, the Earth, and its ecosystems. ALL of our products are made to ameliorate or replace products and technologies that have devastated our Society, the Earth, and its ecosystems. ALL of our products are made with the consciousness required for us to move forward as a species to restore our Society, the Earth, and its ecosystems. It is without exaggeration to say that the widespread adoption of our fertilizers, animal feed supplements, and renewable fuels could positively impact the Earth and all its residents more than any other products in existence today.


The nature of our processes and products gives us applicability across the economic spectrum. We are able to process nearly all industrial wastes and have a clean product with zero-discharge come out the other end. Our products and services currently have applicability in the following industries: agriculture, energy, food processing, hemp & cannabis, horticulture, landscaping, paper milling, personal care, pharmaceuticals, waste management & recycling, among others. If you would like to learn more about partnering with us click here.