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WS Biotech recognizes that many hands make light work and therefore, there are a number of different partnership types that we will consider.

Supplier Partnerships

WS Biotech offers supplier partnerships to those who are able to provide us with the needed raw materials. Typical supplier partnerships include dairy farms and other contained animal feeding operations, municipal waste water treatment facilities, industrial companies that produce biomass waste, and farmers when virgin biomass feedstock is needed.

Distributor Partnerships

In certain cases WS Biotech will offer distributor partnerships for our products. If an outside party has a strategic advantage to address a market and can maintain the product and service quality we expect then we are open to discussions.

Customer Partnerships

In unique circumstances WS Biotech will look to partner with its keystone customers for one reason or another. Typically this partnership will be in the form of testing newer products, providing testimonials, providing regional support or feedback to other customers in the same industry, or a full circle supply and consumption partnership where a farmer supplies us with raw materials and we supply them with product. There are endless potential customer-WS Biotech partnerships of value, but they require attention and diligence from both parties.

Research Partnerships

WS Biotech pursues partnerships with other institutions engaged in similar or complimentary research. An example is our budding partnership with the National Renewable Energy Lab in the development of more efficient processes for the conversion of biomass into liquid hydrocarbon renewable fuels. These partnerships are generally pursued internally but we are open to proposals.

Licensing Partnerships

WS Biotech recognizes the difficulty in the broad scale corporate commercialization of our technologies. There simply is too many applications for us to pursue them all and in many cases, the market is too big within one segment for us to commercialize it all. That is why WS Biotech offers licensing agreements to qualified parties.

Joint Venture Partnerships

WS Biotech offers joint venture partnerships to those institutions who offer a supply of raw material and the capital to help fund the facility necessary to process this raw material. The advantage is for them to take part in the significant revenue and profit of the venture.

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