WS Biotech is a leader in chemical and biochemical manufacturing and thus has application over numerous  industries. However, one thing always remains the same no matter the industry; everything WS Biotech does aims at increasing the profit of our customers and industry partners while decreasing or eliminating their negative environmental impact. When it comes to understanding the broad industry applications of our technologies it is best to think in terms of profitable waste elimination, increasing profitability, and sustainability.

Profitable Waste Elimination

Since 1980 WS Biotech has focused on the profitable elimination of industrial wastes. Today we have added agricultural and municipal wastes to that focus as well. Our deconstruction and fractionation process technologies allow us to break down any biomass waste material down to its constituents of value and then use our reconstruction technologies in order to make extremely valuable and specific biomolecules that have a significant marketplace. Our process technologies are extremely cost-effective and our end products are extremely valuable – hence, profitable waste elimination.

Increased Efficacy & Efficiency

If we are working with an industry partner that supplies us with waste as a raw material, we then focus on the efficacy and efficiency of their waste management processes. If we are working with a product for our customers we then focus on the efficacy and efficiency of the product in doing its job. In either scenario the result is the same; increased efficacy, increased efficiency, decreased costs, and increased profits.


Everything WS Biotech does is sustainable. We approach everything with a “squeaky green” mentality and have the technology and know how to accomplish that. When processing wastes we  utilize 100% of the material, discharge nothing, and use zero added energy into the process. When designing a product, we focus on accomplishing the needed effects at world-class levels, while eliminating any negative environmental impact.