Hemp & Cannabis


WS Biotech adds value to the production and commercialization of hemp and cannabis every step of the way. From organic high quality seed production, to making the cultivation more sustainable and profitable, to the eventual processing  of the hemp and cannabis into high-value derivative products.


WS Biotech has the ability to provide growers with organically certified seeds that are more durable, have higher yields, and have higher concentrations of the valuable compounds that derivative products such as personal care products, pharmaceuticals, textiles, etc. are made from.


WS Biotech has the capability to supply hemp farmers with the high level of nutrients that hemp plants require while abating the extensive pollution occurring with synthetic nutrient sources. WS can also supply hemp farmers with organic certified weed control and pest control while controlling THC levels at the mandatory less than 0.3%.


CBD has many personal care and pharmaceutical applications. For these uses  to be commercially possible, a high purity source of the raw compounds must be available. With traditional hemp CBD supply methods, high purity discrete, fractionated compounds are not available. WS Biotech has invented a biosynthesis process to make high purity, discrete, fractionated compounds available for use by the pharmaceutical industry. The WS process is more than half the capital cost and 25% of the operating cost of conventional growing/processing methods and produces the highest purity compounds in the industry. WS Biotech intends to market its high purity compounds directly to pharmaceutical companies and the personal care industry.

WS Biotech’s strategic advantages include:

1. Highest purity compounds in the marketplace
2. Lowest cost compounds in the marketplace
3. Discrete compounds that can be formulated into pharmaceuticals


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