WS Biotech and its team are well versed in all alternative fuel production technologies. Though we can and will when appropriate produce biodiesel from oils, we prefer to produce renewable fuels from waste and not from food. This has led us to target waste biomass as our raw material. This is a hot topic today, but WS Biotech possesses unique process technologies unknown to anyone else. These technologies allow us to manufacture biodiesel, ethanol, renewable diesel, renewable gasoline, and renewable jet fuels cheaper and at a higher quality than our competition. Additionally, our ability to generate high value co-products allows us to price our fuel with the big petrochemical boys right away. We are excited to spread our technology throughout the world, but we are most excited to make renewable fuels production more efficient and the entire industry more sustainable.

Biomass to Fuels

The Energy Industry is raving about biomass conversion to liquid fuels – and for a good reason. These liquid fuels come from approximately a billion tons of waste that is generated every year – regardless if we use it or not. These fuels can be utilized within the current fuel infrastructure and can help avoid the devastating environmental impact of a complete infrastructure overhaul; they produce up to 70% less GHG emissions than their petrochemical cousins; and at one point they will be cheaper than fossil fuels. So, why hasn’t the world jumped on this wagon yet? Technology. Here at WS Biotech we are all too aware that the industry is currently pursuing technological paths that though they may bear short term fruit – they are not a long term solution to compete with fossil fuels. Here at WS Biotech, we are focused on commercializing the solution.

Forestry, Crops, & Residues to Fuel

In terms of total untapped world energy sources Forestry wastes such as sawdust, and woodchips; algae that has proliferated in all our waterways; crop waste such as corn stalks, cover crops, etc.; and agricultural residues are by far the biggest. They are natures solar panels, they never quit, and they don’t strike. They just collect energy everyday. But there is a problem. The simple sugars used to manufacture these fuels are tightly locked away in the complex fibers and starches of plant matter. It is the holy grail to figure out how to pick this biologically stubborn lock to release these sugars and here at WS Biotech we like to think we have. It comes down to knowing what makes this lock so stubborn not only on a physical level, but a biochemical level, on a chemical level, on a quantum-chemical level – and we do. Utilizing our 7,800 page intellectual property library we know the combination to this lock.


Manures to Fuels

There is no doubt the world is overflowing with manure and no one is really sure what to do with it. It is a toxic hazard polluting our waterways and making us sick. Human’s in the US generate 7m tons of manure annually, cows in the US generate 335m tons of manure annually! That is just those two! Swine, poultry, equine, pets, and others contribute as well! Luckily, manures hold many valuable resources that can be reclaimed. There are many proposed solutions to extracting the energy value from these manures – but there is a problem with each. Biogas generation is inefficient and requires precarious storage conditions, incineration emits GHGs, etc. Here at WS Biotech we have created a 100% contained, zero-discharge, zero-emissions process that takes the manure, stores them in impenetrable stainless steel tanks, and converts them into liquid fuels and high-value co-products at the other end. It is what is called an “elegant solution” in the “circular economy” vernacular.

Industrial Biomass Waste Processing

Obviously, plant matter waste and manures are not the only wastes that our society has to find a renewable, sustainable, and permanent solution for. Millions of tons of biomass waste is created each year in industry. Food production, ethanol production, paper production, breweries and other beverage production, fish & animal processing, lumber production, construction, and more, all generate wastes our society needs to find a home for that isn’t the landfill. The 40 year history of WS Biotech’s parent company was in this field. We specialize in PROFITABLY eliminating wastes for the company that generates them by capturing every molecular unit of value in their raw material and reconstructing it into a sophisticated high-value product. Waste and sustainability do not require a hit to the bottom line.

Co-Product Production

The romanticism of renewable energy has avoided the glaring fact that most renewable fuels facilities don’t make it. This is because fuels are bought wholesale at an enormous scale. Small producers struggle to raise the capital to fund a 5m gallon facility only to find out that you need at least 25m gallons (preferably 100m) to price competitively with large fossil fuels companies. WS Biotech has not attacked this problem directly but rather indirectly through utilizing our extensive IP portfolio to produce high value products – such as our animal feed supplements or Smart ProCell Fertilizer – concurrently. This allows us to price competitively on the international fuels market while still generating the capital required to sustain and grow.


WS Biotech remains committed to sustainability in every form of the word. When analyzing the renewable fuels market we realized that the sustainability of the products was not the largest issue for the sustainability of the industry. The fuels are generated from waste that would either end up decaying and releasing methane gas in a landfill, incinerated in a furnace, or applied to farmland and end up polluting our waterways. These fuels also emit up to 70% less GHG emissions than their alternatives… so what is the sustainability problem facing the renewable fuels industry currently? Profitability. WS Biotech has focused on developing process technologies that are cost effective enough to generate a profit and sustain an external market shift. We have done this through our extensive….


WS Biotech remains an extremely active research company in the field of renewable fuels. We have a budding partnership with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and will continue our research on the technological linchpins that are stopping this industry from moving forward. Our internal research continues to make our processes more efficient everyday and we intend on leading the way 50 years from now.

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