Dairy Farming


WS Biotech works extensively with Dairy Farming operations. Their production rate of manures  offers a great opportunity for us. Our products, consulting services, and Joint Venture options offer a great opportunity for them. We are committed to making the Dairy Industry more profitable and more sustainable from the molecular level to market.

Better Feeds

One aspect of value that WS Biotech generates for the dairy farmer is through the use of our advanced Animal Feed Supplements. In our internal operations with dairy farms we have found that for every $2,000 invested in our feed, $4,000 of ration costs are saved. We also have the ability to customize a feed for the farmers needs. Whether those needs are based on a regional problem where weather conditions demand a cost-effective supply of more of a particular nutrient, or an ingredient to lower the likelihood of the animal contracting an illness in the area – we work together as a team with the farmer to address the needs they have within the constraints of their operation.

Manure Removal & Utilization

Manure represents a gigantic problem for the Dairy Farmer. Cows generate 335 million tons of manure per year in the US alone. To put that in perspective, humans in the US generate 7m tons. Farmers are inundated with this problem and face constant pressure from the community and local municipalities to somehow make this problem disappear. This short article “Supervisor Calls for Manure Emergency Action” illustrates the problem, but a quick Google search will provide more resources than one can read on the issue. WS Biotech offers a solution to this problem. We are able to take these manures and cost-effectively turn them into our renewable fuels, Smart ProCell Fertilizer, and other high value co-products.¬† This is a tough market though, as Dairy Farmers are caught under an avalanche of non-proven technology claiming viability producing low-value products. Our largest client has been dealing with a $250m investment that just didn’t work. WS Biotech is helping them with a solution.

Become a Partner

For larger dairy operations WS Biotech looks to Joint Venture and build a size appropriate processing plant on site. This allows for near immediate remediation of the manures generated into our stainless steel tanks resulting in a 99% reduction of runoff pollution and a cleanlier and more cost effective operation for the dairy farmer. This also allows a farmer to generate another source of revenue based on high value products rather than low value liquid manures or other current manure derived products.