WS Biotech works extensively in the Agricultural sector and offers value in a multitude of ways. With nearly every agricultural sub-sector we either are their customers for raw materials, their vendor for innovative products customized to their needs, or we provide consulting services and engineering services centered around waste remediation or increased efficiency. Everything we do aims at increasing profit while decreasing environmental impact.


Arguably the sector we work with the most, our value propositions for Agronomists/Farmers is extensive. We offer world class consulting services for soil analysis, environmental impact remediation, yield maximization, operating procedure engineering, & profit maximization. We also offer a range of innovative products, from sustainable herbicides and insecticides to our innovative Smart ProCell Fertilizer. No Farmer leaves working with us without having achieved something that creates a tangible positive result on their bottom line while reducing their environmental impact and the looming threat of regulations.

Animal Husbandry

We have the ability to generate value for every sub-sector of Animal Husbandry. Whether that is with our specialty Animal Feeds that achieve Farmers’ nutrition goals while reducing costs, engineering specific feeds, vitamins, supplements, or antibiotics, or through our services, WS Biotech prides itself with providing bottom line changing value. What is toxic waste, an environmental hazard, and a headache for the Farmer is raw materials for us. We generally look for lucrative Joint Venture partnerships with these Farmers taking their manures and manufacturing them into our Smart ProCell Fertilizer, Renewable Fuels, or other high value products which the Farmer gets to share the revenue of.


What we offer Horticulture is simple – the ability to use the right amount of nutrients their plant demands while having zero or near-zero negative environmental impact. If you have ever read the package of the fertilizers on the market they suggest an application every 2 weeks – Smart ProCell Fertilizer requires an application every 2 months for horticultural operations. This is because none of the fertilizer is being lost to runoff. In addition to our fertilizer, WS Biotech also offers organically derived and sustainable herbicides and pesticides that are just as effective as their synthetically derived chemical alternatives.


Though WS Biotech is just now venturing into the value we can add to forestry – the equation is simple. We can offer fertilizer and consulting services that increase the growth rate of planted trees, and the ability to utilize waste products generated while minimizing the operations environmental impact. We help Forestry become more sustainable.


Like Forestry, Fisheries are another sector WS Biotech is just now venturing into to see the value we can add, but again, the equation is simple. We offer the ability to engineer more effective and efficient feeds, and the ability to utilize waste products and help with environmental impact of the operation.

Become a Partner

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