Animal Feed Supplements

More Efficient Feeds

Our animal feed supplements are more efficient suppliers of essential nutrients. These nutrients, such as amino acids, enzymes, antibiotics, probiotics, omega fatty acids, and vitamins are structured with our unique technology in a more bioavailable form so that the animals digestive tract can more easily assimilate them.  This allows less feed to be used and feed costs to be reduced.

For All Animals

Our animal feed supplements are cost effective solutions for any type of animal being raised. Whether that is cattle, sheep, poultry, fish, swine, pets, or any other, we have specialized feeds customized to the needs of the particular species, or sub-species of animal. Further customized feeds can be ordered in bulk to meet the goals of the particular customer.

Environmentally Pristine

Most feeds have trace amounts of toxic chemicals that can cause harm to the animal and to the environment once excreted. WS Biotech’s feeds come from a multitude of feedstocks but come out with zero contaminants.

Made for Farmer & Animal Alike

Our feeds are designed to maximize the needs of the animal – health, growth, reproduction – and to maximize the needs of the farmer – decreased feed costs, decreased healthcare costs, decreased animal deaths, decreased environmental degradation of their property.